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Do you want to take your writing craft to the next level without closing down your office to go to a writer's convention?

Refine Your Lines is like attending a writing conference where you've chosen all the presentations in the self-editing track. Full of awesome, and best of all you don't have to fly halfway across the country (or put on pants)!

What's Included with Refine Your Lines

You’d love to go to a writing conference to learn new writing techniques, but then you start figuring up the cost of travel, lodging, and food. And THEN you think about having to stop working for a week or taking precious vacation time if you’ve got a day job. The costs associated with all that could easily be a couple of thousand dollars, and it almost doesn’t seem worth it.

But you’re still worried your manuscript isn't ready for agents, editors—or Amazon reviewers—and to top it off, you’re not sure how to spot (and fix!) the common writing mistakes that sabotage a great story. And then you look at your book sales and wonder why there’s a drop-off in sales from book one to book two even though your reviews are mostly good.

And, finally, you know that the more polished your manuscript when you turn it over to your editor, the better your editing results will be. But writing “clean” isn’t necessarily what you need to focus on (though it certainly helps!)—you need your writing to be more immersive, and for that you need my nearly invisible techniques that will keep readers firmly entrenched in your world.


You want to take your story from good to great. A good story means a reader will pick up your first book in series because it’s permafree or it’s on sale or they saw it on BookBub, but a great story means they will buy up your backlist. It means they’ll write reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, they’ll tell their friends how much they enjoy your books, and they’ll join your Facebook group and sign up for your newsletter. It means they’ll put you on autobuy status.

And look—you may think you don’t need these techniques, because hey—you’ve got a great review average. But here’s the thing—the majority of readers who didn’t like a book for whatever reason or were just kind of meh about it never bother to leave a review. They don’t care that much. That’s the cold, hard truth. They just move on to try the next author and you’re left wondering why your sales are dipping so hard after the first book in the series. Add to that, the average reader may not even realize why they weren’t fully engaged with a book, they just know it wasn’t for them.

We all know that not every reader is going to love every story—that’s okay. But don’t let what keeps a reader from becoming your superfan be that your writing detracted from your story.

You may be wondering why I'd put this class together—I mean, editing is how I make my living, right? 

Well, yes. But I can't edit every book or for every author. And while you'll still need editing after this class (every author does!), Refine Your Lines will help you get your story to the next level, and it'll make your editing experience a lot easier too—and maybe save you some money while you're at it!

These are the same techniques I share with my clients, including...

Dannika Dark
Dianne Duvall
Elizabeth Hunter
Gena Showalter
Ilona Andrews
Lynn Raye Harris
Nalini Singh
Thea Harrison
Take your writing to the next level today!
Jilly Wood, Author

Jilly Wood

"After I had Anne edit The Seeds of Power and then published, I invested in her in-depth master class, Refine Your Lines. I’d say I already got my money’s worth."

Jilly Wood, Author
What you'll get with Refine Your Lines

In this master class, you'll:


Learn to avoid the number one mistake that puts readers to sleep. You'll be able to layer in backstory and information so that it’s natural to the story and doesn’t pull people out of the story.


Find out the ONE thing they don't teach you about in English classes (but it's one of the most important things in writing).


SIX techniques to make your dialogue sing so readers feel like they’re in the room with your characters, listening to an actual conversation.


Finally know what the hell show vs. tell means and gain six tricks to make your story more immersive.


Are you using the camera trick with point of view? This key concept will immediately up your readers’ engagement.


Learn to sidestep overwriting like you’d avoid gum on the sidewalk. Because it does the same thing to your story as it does to your shoe, your carpet, and everything else it comes in contact with.


Know when to avoid repetition and when to embrace it. We’ll talk about the Rule of Cool, the Proximity and Familiarity Rules, and the Lullaby Effect.


Tenses are the devil. Learn to wrangle them, finally nail down passive voice, and make sure you’re not destroying your action sequences.


Make sure your story doesn’t read like a to-do list. Play-by-plays are cool in sports, not so much in stories. Learn to layer details so readers aren't overwhelmed and trim out the excess that will sink your story like an overloaded wagon in the Old West.


Learn the one trick in Microsoft Word that will save you hours on every book you write. Stop pulling your hair out and figure out how to work with Word instead of trying to manhandle it.


Find out about one of the biggest boosts to your writing career and how to do it effectively. Believe it or not, it has nothing to do with your books.


Take a peek at my bookshelf and join me for an in-depth discussion of some of my favorite resources, both for writing and grammar.


Get a crash course on how to avoid the most common grammar pitfalls that I come across all the time when editing.

Yesβ€”I'm ready to go now!

Learn your way!
Video, audio, text? Check!

The core course material includes video, audio, and text, with the ability to download PDF slides and audio.

Master self-editing skills at your own pace.

Can’t go to your favorite writers’ con? These modules cover everything I talk about at conferences!

Get in-depth answers to your questions!

I’ll cover questions sent in by students in interactive Q and A sessions. Interact with other students. You won't get left in the dark.

Notice results in your writing immediately!

From the very first lesson, you’ll get practical, actionable writing tips you can apply to your own stories.

Anne Victory

Hi! I'm Anne Victory!

You may be wondering who the heck I am, and that's okay. πŸ™‚ 

I'm a freelance editor, and I've been editing fiction books for over a decade now. I absolutely love stories and writing and the English language, but I'm also just one person and I cannot possibly edit all the books that are out in the world. But I still want to help as many authors as I can, and that's where my classes come in. 

I may not be able to edit your book, but I can share techniques that will help you produce the most polished manuscript you can.  Stories help people cope with the craziness in their lives, they teach, and they provide comfort. And that's always important, but now more than ever.

Yes! I'm ready to take my writing to the next level!

Here's what's included with Refine Your Lines!



πŸ”– Over 20 video lessons presented by Anne ($500 value)

πŸ”– Exclusive video & audio content ($100 value)

πŸ”– Access to PDF slide decks ($50 value)

πŸ”– Bonus: Interactive Q & A sessions (upcoming)

πŸ”– Bonus: Membership in the Refine Your Lines Facebook group ($100 value)

πŸ”– Bonus: An in-depth discussion on writing resources ($50 value)

πŸ”– Bonus: Bite-sized lessons on common grammar gotchas (with more being added all the time) ($250 value)

πŸ”– Bonus: Networking and how to use it to boost your career ($50 value)

πŸ”– Bonus: A fillable PDF checklist to use as you self-edit your projects ($50 value)

πŸ”– A downloadable copy of the companion e-book in mobi or epub format ($8.99 value)

πŸ”– Bonus: A pretty certificate of completion. 🀩 (value depends on how much you like certificates πŸ˜‰)

Total value: $1,208.99

But you can get it now for just $297.00!

What comes with theRefine Your Lines.
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Who is this for?

This is for you if you're...

Writing Your First Book

Like most other skills, writing takes a lot of work, and there are so many things to learn. Perfecting your craft can take years, but this class will give you a boost and shave serious time off that learning curve.

Working on Your Fifth or Tenth Book

Some of the techniques I talk about are things you might not pick up until much later in your writing career. But you can learn them now and put them in practice immediately.

A Veteran Author

I won't lie to you—a lot of this class will probably cover things you already know. But what if you learn one thing that's a light bulb moment for you and gives you a new technique to put in your writer's toolbox? I've been doing this for over a decade, and yet I learn new things all the time. Sometimes you just need a concept presented in a new way for it to click!

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Developing Expert Writing Skills Has Never Been More Affordable!

With the Refine Your Lines self-editing master class, you’ll learn to utilize the same skills used by professionals.

Self-Editing mastery helps you:

  • Engage Your Readers
  • Make Your Story More Immersive
  • Sharpen Your Language

And much, much more.

What you'll get in the Refine Your Lines Master Class

Supercharge your writing journey.

At just $297, learning advanced writing skills and techniques has never been more affordable. You can even split the payments up.

Start your journey toward a lifetime of self-editing mastery today!

Enroll for a onetime payment of$297
Enroll for two payments of $177
Enroll for three payments of $118
30-Day Guarantee

30-Day Guarantee

Request a refund within 30 days and I'll return your payment, no questions asked.

Lifetime Access and Updates

Lifetime Access and Updates

Access the lessons on any device you own, whenever you want. No restrictions. Even better, you'll receive all future updates at no additional cost.

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