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Anne Victory, freelance editor

Make your stories more immersive in ten days.

You may have the best story in the world, but if you aren't bringing readers into your world, you're missing the boat.

It’s time to take your manuscript to the next level.

The truth about writing an engaging story is that coming up with the story itself is only half the battle. With thousands of great books readily available online, it takes more than just an interesting concept, likable characters, and intriguing drama to move the needle.

In order to keep readers turning the page, your story needs to be laser-focused and expertly paced, and the best way to do that is by repeatedly polishing and editing your work until it’s absolutely perfect.

Optimally you’ll hire a pro editor to take your story across the finish line, but before that you’ll want to put a preliminary polish on your work through self-editing. Fixing issues during your drafting stage gives your novel the best chance of success in three ways:

  1. Spot and clarify problem spots early, when they’re most easily fixed.
  2. Make the line editing process more affordable—and more effective.
  3. Most importantly, your story will simply be better.

In this free 10-day online class, professional fiction editor Anne Victory shares editing techniques she uses with NYT and USA Today best-selling authors and explains how you can apply them to your own work.

Put the editing techniques used by best-selling professionals to work for you…

These are the same techniques I share with my clients, including...

Dannika Dark
Dianne Duvall
Elizabeth Hunter
Gena Showalter
Ilona Andrews
Lynn Raye Harris
Nalini Singh
Thea Harrison

Unlock the Editing Techniques Needed to Keep Readers Invested in Your Story and Turning the Page for More.

Martin Richards, Author

Martin Richards

"From day one of the 10 Day course, I saw issues with my manuscript. This class has opened my eyes to many exciting techniques I can use in my next story."

Start mastering your writing craft today!

Where we'll focus that shine:

  • Day 1: Infodumps 
    They're the quickest way to put your reader to sleep. But have no fear—I'm going to tell you how to avoid this pitfall.

  • Day 2: Dialogue mechanics
    What's one thing they don't teach you about in English classes (but it's one of the most important things in writing)? How to format and punctuate dialogue. But I've got you covered.

  • Day 3: Show vs. tell in dialogue
    But how do you make your dialogue sing? Just writing it correctly isn't enough. You need it to pull your reader in.
  • Day 4: Carrying show vs. tell forward to your narrative
    Are you a little confused when people start talking about showing and not telling? Let's take this from concept to practice.

  • Day 5: Deepening your point of view and strengthening your protagonist's voice
    Point of view is a critical aspect of storytelling. It's what pulls your readers in.

  • Day 6: Overwriting and how to avoid it
    Wait, what? Overwriting? Yes, sometimes too much is just too much. 

  • Day 7: Saying it once—trust your reader!
    Learn this key concept and strengthen your storytelling immediately.

  • Day 8: Tense issues
    Tenses are the devil, but you know what? They're totally manageable, and I'll show you how.

  • Day 9: The dreaded play-by-play
    You don't ever want your story to read like a to-do list. Let me show you how to avoid that.

  • Day 10: Making your life easier by using styles in Word
    Learning styles in Word will save you hours on every book you write. That is no exaggeration and you won't regret learning this key skill.

  • Day 11: Bonus resource list!
    Want to know the must-haves for your bookshelf? There are literally thousands of books on writing on Amazon. But I'll give you a list of the ones that are actually worth the time to read.

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