Make your books autobuys for your readers.

Want your readers to

📖 be fully immersed in your story?

📖 tell themselves just one more chapter (and be surprised when they start hearing birds chirping)?

📖 have you on autobuy?

📖 recommend your books to their friends and on social media?

Hell yes, you do! The good news? There are subtle things you can do, things that are nearly invisible to the reader, that will make your stories un-put-downable.

And I'm going to show you those techniques.

These are the same techniques I share with my clients, including...

Take your writing to the next level!


Come join me for a fun exploration of ways polish your writing to a diamond sheen. This is a deep dive into the writing craft, but each concept will be clear and easy to understand and I'll give you a solid foundation so you can build your skills.

  • If you're tired of reading books and taking courses that feel like you need a degree to understand them, this is for you.
  • If you're tired of hearing do this, don't do that, but never knowing the why behind the advice, this is for you. Because let's face it—avoiding adverbs isn't going to make your writing stronger if you don't know the reasoning. Also, there's nothing wrong with adverbs.  🙂

Each lesson will be fully presented by me, just like we were sitting face-to-face at a writing conference. You'll get videos, audio, plus PDFs of all my slide decks.


Like attending a writing conference where you've chosen all the presentations in the self-editing track. 

Full of awesome, and best of all you don't have to fly halfway across the country (or put on pants)!

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Learn your way!

Video, audio, text? You got it!

You'll be able to download the audio presentation only along with the PDF of the slide deck.

Can't attend a conference?

That's okay!

I'll present each module just as I would at RWA or Book Lovers' Con or any other place I've been invited as a speaker. This will be like taking the self-editing track from the comfort of your own home. Learn at your own pace when it's convenient for you!

Ask questions.

Get in-depth answers!

Get answers in a Q&A session where I'll field questions sent in over the course of the class. Interact with other students. You won't get left in the dark.

Use these techniques right away

for an  immediate difference.

All of the tips and tricks I share with you are things you can use in your manuscript right now

Are you ready to do this?

Hell yes!

What we'll focus on:


If you took my How to Polish Your Manuscript in Ten Days email course, you'll recognize these topics. We'll be doing a deep dive into each one with lots of examples and discussion! The entire course includes over ten hours of content!

  • Avoiding infodumps
  • Dialogue mechanics
  • Show vs. tell in dialogue
  • Carrying show vs. tell forward to your narrative
  • Deepening your point of view and strengthening your protagonist's voice
  • Overwriting and how to avoid it
  • Saying it once—trust your reader!
  • Tense issues
  • The dreaded play-by-play
  • Making your life easier by using styles in Word
  • Suggestions on networking
  • A bonus resource list!

"A huge amount of must-have information in a manageable and enthusiastic format. I loved it! It was fun, informative, and very relevant. I enjoyed your sense of humor, and your passion for writing is inspiring.
I learned, and I giggled. Who could ask for more?
(about How to Polish Your Manuscript in 10 Days)"

Kathy Altman

"I’ve written several books and read numerous books on writing. I didn’t think there was anything ‘new’ out there. This little, information-packed gem proved me wrong and had me oohing and aaahing all over the place.
Anne Victory’s 10 Lessons were a study in clear, succinct, utterly intelligible writing. It hit the perfect spot between casual tone and precise description. I wish this had been available years ago. It would have cut so many writing failures from my journey.
I know the title talks about polishing a manuscript, but what she teaches about the elements of good writing is fundamental for every author. This book gets my highest recommendation.
(about How to Polish Your Manuscript in 10 Days)"

PE Kavanagh
Author of Smart, Sexy Romance

"Anne's "Polish Your Manuscript in 10 Days" course is a life saver. Not only does she give you the down-and-dirty on self-editing must-haves, she also injects anecdotes, handy examples, and her special brand of humor into every installment, so this course isn't just educational, it's actually FUN.
(about How to Polish Your Manuscript in 10 Days)"

Navessa Allen

"So good! Loved every bit of the information contained here. It actually reignited the spark of writing for me. I can see myself making time for writing again.
Thanks for sharing part of you with me. I’m really glad I signed up to be Inspired by you. ❤️
(about How to Polish Your Manuscript in 10 Days)"

NixLee Zener

"From day one of the 10-Day course, I saw issues with my manuscript. That class has opened my eyes to many exciting techniques I can use in my next novel."

Martin Richards

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