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Are you an author who wants to consistently put out stories that connect with your readers, get great reviews, and have consistent sell-through on your books?

Or a freelancer who wants to get this business thing on lock so you can concentrate on serving your clients instead of stressing about the day-to-day of admin work and email and everything else that goes along with being your own boss?

If you:

❧ have drive and ambition

❧ aren't afraid of hard work


❧ want to be in charge of your own destiny

Then pull up a chair. We're going to be great friends, I can tell already.

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About Anne Victory


I'll keep this pretty short.

I could tell you all about my business, Victory Editing, but I'm not here to pitch my editing business. Although if you're curious, feel free to head over and check out my editing site.

No, what I want to tell you about here is who I am and why I started Victory Academy. So yes, I am a freelance editor—I've been editing fiction books for over a decade now. I absolutely love stories and writing and the English language. But I'm also just one person and I cannot possibly edit all the books that are out in the world. Still, I want to help as many authors as I can, and that's why Victory Academy was born.

I may not be able to edit your book, but I can share techniques that will help you produce the most polished manuscript you can. Stories help people cope with the craziness in their lives, they teach, and they provide comfort. And that's always important, but now more than ever.

What Our Members Have to Say:

“A quick word about the Victory Academy. Her Refine Your Lines and He Said, She Said courses are a must for anyone new to fiction writing. Those classes have made me a better writer. Period.” ― H.W. Byars
“What I liked the most about the He Said/She Said course was that the recommendations work! I've used many of them already in my new manuscript, and the changes have greatly improved my dialogue. I've been reading it to my daughter and husband, and they noticed it's much better, more streamlined and realistic.

This was a great investment for my future!” ― Vivian Torres
“"There is absolutely nothing like the voice of true experience. I am already in the process of revising some of the dialogue on my latest piece, back from the editor, I should add, but without direction on the dialogue that would clearly make it much better. He Said, She Said was fantastic!"” ― Barbara Emodi
Yes! I want to join now!